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Choose to be an Eagle (2009)

“Choose to be an Eagle” – 2009

When I faced a life-changing moment in 1998, it was like a mountain had crashed down and cast a shadow over my idyllic life.  Everything stood still, everything went dark, I couldn’t see a clear way forward.  I am sure you have faced times like that in your life.  Due to the nature of that ‘mountain’ and what I faced – I will always have mini-mountains in my life.   However I choose to rise above those mountains, to put everything into perspective – to soar like an eagle and to see every day as a beautiful day.  No matter what happens in your life, choose to soar above it, put it into perspective  – “Choose to be an Eagle”.

Face the Storm (2012)

Painting Face the Storm
“Face the Storm ” – 2012
Everyone will face moments in their life of stress, challenges, and what I call ‘stormy weather’.  As parents, as workers – you face storms, storms of conflict, storms of uncertainty, storms of tragedy, disappointment and darkness.  Choose to face the storm – weather the storm, because no matter what happens in your life, you always have a choice in how you respond and your lives are shaped by the choices that you make.  A storm can be a powerful experience and if you stand to face the storm, you can become stronger and more resilient.  Choose to “Face the Storm”.