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How many times in your life have you blamed situations, people, your past or your upbringing, for how you are today, the problems you have today? Most of us do this. Perhaps you blame your genetics for the fact that you struggle with your weight or perhaps you blame your mother or father for how […]

Mistake Theory

We all make mistakes – they are temporary bumps on the road of life.  A mistake is an unintentional action whose consequences are undesirable. But do we all learn from our mistakes or does pride and ego sometimes get in the way of learning and awareness.  Perhaps we would rather ‘blame’, instead of reflecting. Mistakes […]

Christmas Parties – oh dear!

There have been several recent articles written about the infamous Christmas Office Parties. All I can say is – BEWARE! I have seen my fair share of Christmas office parties and have seen some terrible acts of stupidity, drunkenness, infidelity – just to name a few. One particular office party, a male co worker got […]

How to manage office romances

Well, the old ‘office romance’ is something that time and time again “just happens”. First you have the ‘looks’, the ‘smiles’, the lingering glances and then conversation, a date and before you know it – it’s a full-on office romance. This can happen when new staff start in the organisation or it can happen between […]

What we say matters

So many times over the past couple of weeks I have heard people in the media say “I don’t know how they cope”, referring to residents of Christchurch, NZ after the earthquake. What do you mean you don’t know how they cope? People cope. People put one foot in front of the other – what […]