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Responding to bullying in NZ

There has been a lot of discussion recently in the news, about school bullying and what we should do about it. In an ideal world, we could say that we need to all stand up to bullies, tell them to back off, hit them back or whatever it takes to make it go away.  However, […]

Ego in the Workplace

Ego in the Workplace – let’s face it – every workplace has them.  What is of concern however, is the ‘exaggerated self important ego’ that gets combined with a position of power – which can ultimately lead to an abuse of that power.  This particular ‘Ego in the Workplace’ feels the need to ‘control’ and […]

The Bully Dogs in your office

We all share certain characteristics with our four-legged friends and certainly we do in the office. Let’s explore the ‘Bully Dog’ in the office – this could mean either a type of dog, ie bull terrier, bulldog, bull mastiff to name a few, or it could mean the behaviour of the dog – bullying, dominant, […]

Workplace bullying definition

Many people ask me what constitutes workplace bullying – those over-inflated egos in the workplace that use power and control over others. Well I have coined a definition that is easy to remember. It is the acronym UR CRAP! U – Unwarranted R – Repeated behaviour C – Controlling R – Repressive A – Abuse […]

Workplace Bullying or Toxic Personalities

Time and time again, I am confronted with a reluctance to engage when I mention ‘workplace bullying’.  Is it because of the word ‘bullying’?  Would I have more connection with workplaces if I call it ‘toxic personalities’ or ‘intentional abusive behaviour’? Whatever the behaviour is called, we need to address what continues to happen in […]