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Communication Styles and Marbles

“Are you losing your marbles?”   This is something I ask businesses all the time – and the response I get is:- “what do you mean by marbles?”. It’s really easy – marbles are your people – the people you work with and who work for you every day.  They are also your customers, and […]

A Generation of Difference

Generational differences aren’t new in the workplace. No, I am not talking about Grandma, Mum and daughter in the same workplace – I am talking about Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. It is widely accepted that these generational differences are evident, and alive and well in the workplace. But perhaps we […]

Build Better Teams – reduce depression

Occupational and Environmental Medicine*, published research findings which identified that if you have poor team spirit in your workplace, you could have more staff that are suffering depression as a consequence. 3,347 Finnish employees were surveyed, aged between 30 and 64. Each employee was asked how they felt about their working environment, including quality of […]

Battered by Chatter

We love to do it. Women do it better than men. Women don’t understand why men don’t do it like them. What am I talking about?…. Chatting!! We love to talk (well I do anyway), and we do it well. We share our feelings, emotions, ideas, frustrations and it makes us feel better. But how […]