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Why is it that your children will hound you constantly for a mobile phone, and finally when you give in to their constant pleading and bleating about how much safer it will be when they have one – there is no guarantee that they will ever answer it when you call! Why is it that […]

Fascinators in Flight!

I bet your mind boggled when you read the title of this blog. So … what is a ‘fascinator’? Hmm, well, before you jump to any conclusions, the correct answer is ‘a headpiece – a style of millenary’. Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to wear one at my brother’s wedding. The invitation read […]

Sensory deprivation and Isolation

I just watched a documentary on the brain, sensory deprivation and isolation and I recommend you should watch it. The programme documents a controversial experiment that involved 6 volunteers, who would experience 48 hours of total sensory deprivation. Three volunteers were placed in small individual rooms with a bed, table and complete and utter darkness. […]

The Twilight Years

Are you ‘Team Edward’ or ‘Team Jacob’? Do you know what that means? It means you either prefer or ‘like’ Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – the vampire or Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) –  the werewolf from the Twilight movie series. From my observations, the majority of young girls stood firmly in the ‘Team Edward’ […]

CV Funnies

CV Funnies As a Career Development Practitioner in the past, I came across various CV’s that made me laugh. Here are some of the ‘‘funnies’ that I encountered during that time: On application form, next to ‘Emergency Contact  Number’ ……….111 “Consistently tanked as number one sales person” The CV was printed on the current employer’s […]

Our smallest marbles…

I believe we learn to laugh more, when we have children.   For example my son, when he was 3 years old, saw his first geyser in Rotorua and I pointed to it and said “look that’s amazing”.  He stared at the hot boiling water and steam and smiled.  Then he ran on ahead a […]