Creating POSITIVE change through the ABC’s of Life

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Choose Your ATTITUDE

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one CHOICE at a time

You are the ARCHITECT of your own life

Defining your life,

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Do you feel you have lost your way, lost sight of your goals or dreams?

Are you struggling to deal with a life-changing and unexpected event or challenge?

Are you struggling to deal with low morale and disengaged employees?

…Then Life Choices Coaching is for you!


Linda Guirey is one of New Zealand’s most inspiring and sought after Life Choices Coaches. Linda provides the tools, practical information, resources and inspiration to support you in creating positive change in your personal life or in your business, with your Life Choices.

Whether you are wanting to make big changes, overcome challenge or adversity, or simply need help to lift the fog in your life,  Linda is the coach for you.

Your Life Choices coaching with Linda will enable you to:

  1. Enjoy the life you want to live: with perspective, happiness and gratitude
  2. Identify your values that drive your decision making
  3. Explore and control your attitude and perspective when faced with challenges, difficult people or change in your life
  4. Overcome the barriers and obstacles in your way
  5. Help you to identify the problem areas at work, look at the alignment of your personal and organisational values, create action plans and sustainable changes that will transform you and your workplace

With Linda’s help, you’ll gain new perspective on your life and its challenges by exploring the life choices that you have to create a more positive path for your future.

Find out more about Individual Coaching and Linda’s Life Choices Programme, click here.


Linda Guirey is a real champion!  She is incredibly insightful, positive, upbeat and highly motivational. She has truly transformed my life with her skills as a life coach. There are few people I can recommend with complete sincerity.  Linda Guirey is certainly one of them!!  Ellen Croom, Dallas Tx (2013)