Creating POSITIVE change through the ABC’s of Life

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Choose Your LIFE

Choose Your THOUGHTS

Choose Your ATTITUDE

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one CHOICE at a time

You are the ARCHITECT of your own life

Defining your life,

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Workshops & Seminars

Tailored Workshops

Tailored workshops are the ideal way to achieve the ultimate objectives for your team or workplace.

Whether your organisation is going through change or restructuring, currently experiencing disengaged employees, whether you are looking for some fun and inspirational team building, or conflict is an issue – Linda can tailor programmes to meet your needs.

Ideally workshops are half a day or a full day – creating effective and lasting change in thinking and behaviours.  Every workshop explores the ABC’s of Life – Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices, that underpin how we act, respond and relate to others.

Click here to read more about Linda’s other current workshops – ‘Egos in the Workplace’ and ‘Impact Presentations’.

Contact Linda now to learn how your organisation will benefit from a Life Choices workshop.


Public Workshops

Linda will be delivering workshops throughout New Zealand.  Click here to find out about her One Day Life Changing workshop.



Public seminars are your opportunity to hear Linda in person and experience change in your thinking and your life.  Bring a friend, bring your partner, bring your children – this is all about the choices we make in life and how we can make better choices.

You will be energised, inspired and challenged.  There is also now a new workbook, so that you can turn your inspiration into sustainable change and an ongoing commitment to a more positive life.

Please contact Linda to find out when and where the next seminars will be held.  If you are keen to have a seminar in your area, please let Linda know and we can create positive change together.