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Other Workshops

Egos in the Workplace

Linda takes you through the darker side of workplaces, least often talked about and dealt with – where egos run rife and people get affected.  Productivity goes down, absenteeism and staff turnover goes up.

Early detection of abusive behaviours in the workplace can save you money and time. Believing you can make a difference and creating a positive workplace culture is the key.  Learn how to avoid those claims of ‘personal grievance’ or ‘workplace stress’ – by being responsive, aware and able to effectively manage abusive egos.

This workshop explores the various styles of abusive behaviour that we often experience and the choices that you can make, when dealing with abusive egos.

Linda can also walk you through some of the legal framework and how to create a more productive, positive and high performing culture.

Impact Presentations

Learn how to:
  • Create a connection
  • Make an impact
  • Emotionalise your message
  • Be confident, be humorous, be memorable!

You will get to learn some of the secrets and the art of creating dynamic presentations. You will get to practice in front of an audience and be coached live.  Learn the importance of humour – and how it will make a difference.

If you are serious about creating a dynamic presence in front of an audience, whether in the Boardroom, conference, workshop, in-house training or in a presentation to the staff – this workshop is for you!


These workshops can be delivered in-house to your organisation so that ALL your staff involved in presentations, can become confident, dynamic, memorable speakers.

Why fit in, when you were born to “Stand Out”.

Learn to make choices that count, and that create a difference!


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