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Linda Guirey as Coach:

Linda Guirey is a real champion!  She is incredibly insightful, positive, upbeat and highly motivational. She has truly transformed my life with her skills as a life coach. There are few people I can recommend with complete sincerity.  Linda Guirey is certainly one of them!!  – Ellen Croom, Dallas Tx (2013)


Linda Guirey as Keynote Speaker:

I have had the pleasure of listening to and being inspired by Linda when I invited her to speak at a Venus Networking Lunch. Linda’s passion and enthusiasm for her content and for inspiring people oozes from her. She has a natural and relatable style of presenting. She engages her audience and entertains them as she pulls stories from her life to emphasis the teaching points she is making. A highly energised and dynamic speaker. – Vanessa Davey, Venus Network

“We have had very positive feedback from the members and we found your message not only entertaining but also thought provoking.You are amazing in the way that you have remained so positive even in difficult times. I know that people of any age and from all walks of life would  enjoy listening to you.  Entertainment with a message is often hard to find and you are certainly a master of that.” – Rahiri Club, June 2013

“After hearing Linda speak at the recent NZ CA (Chartered Accountants) conference our Partners invited her to speak to the whole team at RSM Prince.   Linda’s presentation was enlightening, inspirational & had everyone in fits of laughter (accountants do love to laugh) while hanging on to every word. Thank you Linda for showing us how to effectively utilise the power we each have over the choices we have in life…”       – RSM Prince (May 2013)

“An extremely well presented session, with a good message.  It was very entertaining and thought provoking – absolutely awesome.”     – NZCA (Chartered Accountants) conference (April 2013)

Linda’s topic was so interesting and amazingly helpful and was delivered in a warm open manner.  Having been alerted to the fact that I could do something about some of my worries I was increasingly aware I had decisions to make.   I was more aware I had the license to make choices.  License and responsibility to make Choices in harmony with my personal values and goals and acknowledging others who may be involved. It provided a new perspective that I have found very helpful. – Amicus, Tauranga (2013)

A huge thank you for a fabulous evening it was fantastic and so good for all of us to take a good look at ourselves and you sure made us do that and also made us realise it is really up to us what we make of our lives no matter how hard it may be . I have had some great feedback already and – you will come highly recommended from us. – Auckland Ladies Business Club (October 2012)

Linda’s inspiring presentation was delivered with confidence and humour that had conference delegates laughing in their seats and reflecting on how their choices have affected their lives and careers. – IPANZ Conference Wellington (2012)

Linda Guirey was guest speaker at our recent AGM, when she addressed approximately 70 members of the club.  Linda was warm, enthusiastic, humorous and stimulating, promoting a very positive response in her audience. She encouraged much thought and discussion among those present about different personality types, what is important in their lives and how to make and implement the correct decisions for them personally.   Without exception, those present found Linda’s talk both entertaining and inspirational and her message will have provided much food for thought in making choices in the future - Jill Doull, Secretary, Kotuku Garden Club, Omokoroa  (May 2012)

Linda Guirey is an amazing woman who speaks from the heart.  She captivates her audience with humour and integrity, and her innovative Mad Marbles toolkit provides a simple yet effective means of understanding and engaging with people, and building meaningful relationships both in business and social circles.  Don’t miss this woman, you owe it to yourself to hear her speak! – The Palaver Network Team – May 2012

Linda’s humorous and carefully crafted presentation left the audience in no doubt that this was a professional speaker delivering a personalized message.  Linda thank you very much for your time and energy - Paul Meyer, BNI Big Breakfast – 21st November 2011

I would like to thoroughly recommend Linda Guirey as a motivational speaker.  We were humbled by her honesty as she shared her experiences with us.  She gave the participants much to think about as she challenged their thinking about how they should consider making major decisions in their lives.  Her communication styles were enlightening, we were delighted with her marbles and I know that members have gone home to carry out these experiments on the other Rural Women members.  We all learned a lot about ourselves and each otherCommunication and Leadership Seminar August 2011 – Marilyn Hutchings, Organiser, Rural Women New Zealand

“Linda’s title (‘The Marbles Expert’) is a great hook and insight into her sense of humour!  I heard Linda speak at a National Speakers Association event.  Linda’s story telling and delivery was hilarious.  It was absolutely captivating throughout.  Linda is a natural – she had no idea she was such a comedienne!  You need to book her!” - Jenny Wilmshurst, Social Media Strategist  & Consultant, August 22, 2010

“Linda is made for a speaking career, and some would say she is made for a stand-up comics career too, but either way, her message is clear, and her use of humour is brilliant.  A great session.  Thanks.” - Linda Coles – Blue Banana Ltd (business partner), July 4, 2010

“Funny, original, relevant – Linda is one of the best speakers I’ve heard, and a great MC, too.”Clare Feeney, Director, Environmental Communications Ltd, September 28, 2010


Linda Guirey as a Workshop Facilitator:

Thank you very much for an enjoyable motivational talk – it was great to see and understand the different types of personalities we have and how we can work together - Matthew Rednall-Manager Community Transport, Auckland Transport, October 2011

“I found the workshop very thought provoking and enhanced my awareness that we all have different styles and strengths that if understood can be used to improve our performance and team work” - participant Auckland Transport workshop October 2011

“My team enjoyed the morning and found Linda inspiring.  The marble exercise was really interesting and it enabled the team to see our differences and to understand the different needs of each team member.” - participant Auckland Transport workshop October 2011

“Linda delivered a powerful presentation that provided good insights and covered a significant amount of information in the short time allowed.  Linda engaged all the participants fully and they left the session more aware and better informed.  Great personality, great delivery!” - Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Metrowater, April 2010


Linda Guirey as MC:

Linda is a colourful laugh machine that controls an event while keeping fun and enjoyment for everyone as a prime focus. She will entertain while keeping everything on track, original while never forgetting your core values and requirements. – Bill James CSP – NSANZ National President 2013

Linda, I really enjoyed your MCing last night of the National Speakers Association National Awards – you kept to time whilst running a smooth event. At the same time you were light-hearted and entertaining. Your attention to detail is excellent.  Nice job! – Robyn Pearce CSP -(2006/7 President, Global Speakers Federation)

You really brought the event to life with your sensitivity, organisational skills and great sense of humour! Loved your bit about the labradoodle and shitz-poo (nice to see your vet pet background swinging the topics!) Really neat to see you stepping into your power. Congratulations! Thanks again Linda! – Linda McDermott, Creative Director & Performance Coach to keynote speakers

Linda Guirey is an amazing and talented MC and facilitator.  Her management of events is always done with a humorous flair, and she is able to ‘keep the show moving’ professionally, giving you the audience the impression that everything is going smoothly (even when this may not be the case).  As a presenter and speaker, Linda is highly authentic in her message and is an award winner for her ability to connect with the crowd, as well as deliver insightful and practical material.  – Tom O’Neil, Speaker, Author and Goals Coach

I just want to put in writing what an amazing job Linda performed as the Master of Ceremonies of the 2013 Gala Awards Dinner for the NSANZ. Extremely well prepared, extremely well pitched and made the event an incredible success. Linda’s professionalism is a credit to her and I would have no hesitation in recommending Linda Guirey to you as a marvellous MC, one who will bring a new level of engagement, humour and professionalism to your next event. Well done Linda! – David Nottage, World Champion of Public Speaking, NSANZ Auckland President

“Linda – What a great sense of fun you bring to the room as an MC.  I think you have a terrific ability to uplift the atmosphere and get the audience on the ‘same page’.  Thank you!” - National Speakers Assoc of NZ National Awards Evening – Linda McDermott , ASM, ACS, B Friv

“You often wonder when you hire an MC for an awards function whether they will be able to capture and hold the attention of the audience.  At our recent National Awards evening Linda was superb at capturing and holding the audience’s attention with her entertaining humour.  If you are looking for an MC able to keep your audiences engaged with humour  – book Linda!” - John Cook, I Focus For The Future – President NSANZ 2011

“Linda has a very natural ability to weave her humour into anything she does.  A natural MC, she makes the event come alive.  I am still smiling from some of her material from last night.  Go Linda!”Linda Coles, Blue Banana Ltd, September 29, 2010

“Awesome job as MC Linda.  Great humor and awesome professional show, well done in also coping with the last minute change adding wireless access and you nailed it.  Very highly recommended top professional speaker.”Craig Robertson, Director, Coach and Speaker, September 29, 2010